We Are Thought Fox

is an agency for digital culture, working with organisations to plan and create media. We produce fresh ideas, carefully crafted content, brave design and bulletproof code. We bring these elements together to create effective and memorable websites, apps, videos, maps and more. We design media.

What we do

Who we’ve worked with

  • BBC
  • Barjeel Art Foundation
  • Special Tribunal for Lebanon
  • Art Dubai
  • The National
  • Maclean’s

Rob Carroll

Rob Carroll
Rob spends his days doing much tippy tappy - writing words and code. He has led digital projects for the UN, BBC and MSN among others and has written for lots of newspapers and magazines. Rob is fluent in standards-driven CSS, HTML and JavaScript. He speaks pretty good English too but with a funny Yorkshire accent.

Una Janicijevic

Una Janicijevic
Una - yeah that's her real name - has art directed the best of Canadian magazines including their online presence and app personas. As well as dreaming in Pantone©, Una© often dresses as though in a "wear as many colours as possible" competition. You can find her cursing bad kerning all over the world.

Clint McLean

Clint McLean
Clint has created content and commissioned photos, text and video for lots of top international publications and some blogs. He believes every good project starts with a good idea. Unfortunately in his personal life his ‘good ideas’ sometimes end in things like pulling his own teeth or 2nd degree burns on his feet.

Special Guests

Guest Specialists
We are connected to a network of international big shots that we engage as needed. Whether you need a writer who knows the difference between Abdelkader Guermaz and Abdelkader al Rais or you need a calligraphy artist who is fluent in Kumzari, you can be sure we'll find them and put them to work.

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